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Site is down.  Listed below is the Client software to Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels Client has Launched!

Happy Wheels the know online flash game known from now has a client end version you can play just straight on your PC without the need of a browser!  Thats right!  Browser free!!  Trevor Potprocky also known for the KXR project has came up with a nicer format to play Happy Wheels in Client form, called "Happy Wheels Client"


Trevor has published this version onto as an exclusive place for people to come download.  The forums will be set for those who are having trouble trying to play HWC (Happy Wheels Client) and to see whether you need to adjust your internet options.  "Thats all it really looks for basically lol".  So users can share and even talk about other flash games on the internet that should also be published as Client end verison as well.

So spread this one around and hopefully we will see later improvments ;)

Happy Wheels Client Download

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